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The endless cycle of malnutrition and disease maybe the result of poverty, but the root cause is a lack of jobs and opportunities.

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FredericKanoute: 26.Jul.2016
“Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship." Prophet Muhammad. #Islam #Peace #Justice #France
FredericKanoute: 25.Jul.2016
RT @Sport360: Going Out: Escape the UAE heat and enjoy indoor football at @FredericKanoute's @KafoAcademy https://t…
FredericKanoute: 24.Jul.2016
Moussa est libre alhamdulillah! Merci à tous ceux qui l'ont soutenu. Thanks to all those who supported and invoked God for him #FreeMoussa
FredericKanoute: 23.Jul.2016
Humanitaire avec un grand et beau H. Soutenons Moussa et son projet. #FreeMoussa
FredericKanoute: 17.Jul.2016
Get well soon my brother @dembabafoot may you come back stronger inshaAllah.
FredericKanoute: 17.Jul.2016
RT @PhysiqueTV: @FredericKanoute shares his fitness and football techniques in this week’s #CelebrityFit! #PhysiqueTV #MyDubai…
FredericKanoute: 17.Jul.2016
Travail, loyauté, fidélité, gratitude... Bel au revoir.
FredericKanoute: 16.Jul.2016
@sissoko_oumar wa'alaykum salam p'ti frère !
FredericKanoute: 16.Jul.2016
Mon coin favori à #Saint-Etienne, buffet a volonté @MultiFood1 🍗🍕🍛🍝🍰👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
FredericKanoute: 15.Jul.2016
L'humanité souffre.Nous ne trouvons plus de mots assez lourds pour condamner cette barbarie.Nos pensées et prières vers #NiceFrance.
FredericKanoute: 12.Jul.2016
RT @7DAYSSPORT: .@FredericKanoute & @DubaiSC start search for the best young strikers in the UAE.…
FredericKanoute: 12.Jul.2016
RT @KafoAcademy: Warming up for another day at @DXBSportsWorld. Join us from 1-4pm Sun - Thurs. @FredericKanoute #football @DubaiWTC https:…
FredericKanoute: 11.Jul.2016
Presentation of #FutureStriker program in Dubai with @DscSport. Soon fly to #Lyon @OL for the camp. @12manSports
FredericKanoute: 07.Jul.2016
Félicitations à l'équipe de France 🇫🇷 bonne gestion du match face a une equipe d'Allemagne dominante. Énorme @AntoGriezmann et Hugo Lloris
FredericKanoute: 05.Jul.2016
Bonne fête de l'Aid عيد مبارك 'Eid Mubarak Wish everyone a enjoyable 'Eid Al-Fitr @KafoAcademy @12manSports @TheAMF
FredericKanoute: 05.Jul.2016
RT @mehdirhasan: So, how 'religious' are so-called religious/Muslim terrorists? Reposting earlier @ajupfront #realitycheck vid I did: https…
FredericKanoute: 05.Jul.2016
Enjoying a nice and cool @KafoAcademy summer camp #DubaiSportsWorld @pumafootball #CHOOSETRICKS
FredericKanoute: 04.Jul.2016
And now they attack the Noble Sanctuary of Prophet Muhammad's mosque #Madinah Unforgivable acts of terrorism
FredericKanoute: 29.Jun.2016
My thoughts & prayers with the people of Turkey
FredericKanoute: 28.Jun.2016
RT @OL_HISTOIRE: 28 Juin 1997 : OL 5 wroclaw 2 (intertoto) 1er but pro de JOSEPH JOB (triplé) et F. KANOUTE. Ils ont 19 ans. #TeamOL https:…